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Children Need Families (CNF) is a not for profit, gender and religious neutral organisation providing help, assistance and practical support to assist families and service users that are in or facing separation, divorce and family difficulty and or where they face crisis or it currently exists.

CNF is principally concerned with the problems faced by Parents, Grandparents and the extended family in relation to maintaining and promoting a child's relationship with its immediate and extended family, during and after separation or divorce.

CNF are equally concerned with and support families and individuals when dealing with the Courts, Solicitors and Network Professionals and others and help them deal with false allegations and a variety of other issues that ensures family unity, stable conducive living and helps them to promote and maintain family life.

CNF offers realistic, practical help and support when needed in an attempt to promote and maintain family life and help protect children from losing the essential contact with their Parents, Grandparents and the extended family that is vital to them to ensue that they have and enjoy a balanced family life and that despite the upheaval the family is maintained and promoted.

The Work CNF does

CNF operate a 24hr telephone help line, offering round the clock advice, support and assistance when you need it.  If you call and we do not answer the phone, please be patient, leave a message and a telephone number we can contact you on and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  Remember we are not just dealing with you.

CNF, where possible, publishes leaflets and commission posters to help, inform and educate service user about how to find out more about the Courts, Solicitors and other professionals and to help them secure and understand vital information that is often denied them, ensure they know their rights and help them challenge any failure that erodes or undermines their rights or marginalises them as a particular group.

CNF are concerned that often the vulnerable are left without support and advise.  And that decisions are made about them that are often questionable and do not reflect what they want or need.  Often they are dismissed without regard to their rights or the law.  Moreover, often nothing is done about the problem(s) they have raised or face and as a result the problem(s) fester and they often are left disadvantaged or become poorer as a result of failure, a lack of good governance and bad working practices.

CNF attempts to keep the service user informed and empower them and help them to understand, challenge and change entrenched attitudes, working practices and facilitate change that has for years split families, ruined lives and resulted in the breakdown of the family unit.

CNF works tirelessly to promote, improve and where possible, change attitudes within the current legal system, with professionals and others.  We challenge and complain about those who have failed to provide tangible, good effective Customer Service and seek redress for individuals and families when things have gone wrong or are just plain illegal.

With the help of our clients and other related organisations CNF will help eliminate unnecessary and protracted legal conflict and where possible, influence social policy by lobbying Parliament, the Judiciary and Network Professionals and ensure that a level playing field is had by both sides and meritocracy is allowed to exist as a first step, not the last.

As an organisation CNF are committed to seeking permanent change within the family debate and help shape and improve a legal system that is out of date, out of touch with those they serve and is not fit for purpose.  Moreover, we seek to address expose and change how families are treated, how false allegations are dealt with and provide a service that protects, serves and reassure families in a time of great need.

CNF are committed to change and improvement that will directly benefit families and serve as a milestone for future generations, ensuring that family life is not systematically dismantled but rebuilt, restoring family values and worth that has long been lost.

CNF will use all aspects of the news and media to bring about those changes where and when possible and make the public at large more aware of the problems that contribute to the systematic decline of the family unit.

CNF also operate a consumer service (Consumers Need Fairness) providing help and support to families who face consumer problems, helping them to address and deal with financial issues that disrupt and cause family brake down and distress. 

Children Need Families Believe

Children have the basic fundamental right to be free of alienation and duress, to enjoy their relationships with others and to have happy and meaningful relationship with both of their Parents, their Grandparents and the extended family.

Children are not objects or possessions they are young people, the have feelings and they hurt when things go wrong.  Any changes in their lives must be balanced, beneficial and progressive.  Change upsets children despite the claims that they bounce back.  They do bounce back but not entirely, once they are hurt they are left with the emotional scar of life and they will come to resent you if you take away that which they hold dear.

Families are complex units often difficult to understand and be part of.  Parents & Grandparents are not just for the weekend but are for life not just a passing thought that is to be remembered at a special time of year. 

CNF believe that families have a unique and special part to play in the growth, development and education of children and that any disruption to the family unit that is not dealt with expediently and swiftly will further compound and exacerbate problems that already exist and will not be of any real benefit to children. 

CNF believes that families should work together in order to provide stability and equality in their children's lives, thus promoting harmony and balance that is essential to their conducive living and that will teach children that all are equal.

CNF believes that where and when possible, children should share their lives with both parents.   When parents are in dispute about where children should live, Shared Parenting is a practical and logical way forward if the family dynamics allow, but not all can agree and therefore the remedy is the court, not making arbitrary decisions that often cause more harm than good.

CNF believes that there should be a better system of checks and balances for the Network Professionals, Family Practitioners and the Judiciary, to help prevent and eliminate the long and protracted court battles that prevent children from having and maintaining a private and family life. Moreover CNF believe that parents must be held to account where false and often hurtful allegations are made  and that parents should be made to provide tangible evidence to support the allegations and claims they make if the right of the child is to prevail and family life can be balanced despite the upheaval.

Greater accountability gives families a sense of fairness and the hope at least, of justice to a family that often is ripped apart by the arbitrator, who understands very little about how complex and difficult family relationships are and can be and little understand the dynamics that make up often complex and difficult relationships.

CNF are and continue to be concerned that families are split apart for no valid or credible reason and that all to often professionals get it wrong but their negligence and maladministration goes unchecked and that they are all to often unaccountable and supported by managers and executives that are more concerned with evading detection when getting it wrong, than keeping families together and giving hem the support and help they need.

CNF believes that families will benefit greatly if there is more openness and transparency and accountability in the family courts and that those professionals who mislead the courts to improve and secure their financial gain should be dealt with effectively and swiftly.  That false allegations should be better and thoroughly investigated and that those found wasting court time with false allegations to ensure their position is upheld should be dealt with more appropriately and effectively to discourage the sense of hopelessness that most families feel when entering the court system.

CNF believe that poor service and bad working practices account for a high percentage of the families that are ripped apart and destroyed and that such actions left without redress will only send a message that with impunity a parent, person or professional can mislead the court and that they will never be held to account.

CNF believe that until the courts remove the financial incentives for Solicitors, Barristers and Network Professionals and even the playing field, the only losers are children themselves.  The poor will be excluded form getting help and those who can finance expensive solicitors will always have the upper hand.

CNF believe that the one fits all approach form the courts and the authorities is a working practices that continues to be dangerous and not fit for purpose for families and until professionals ensure that what they say or write down is checked and credible, families will continue to be undermined, ripped apart and destroyed..

CNF apologise for any inconvenience and advise you that our website is currently under reconstruction.  If you need any information urgently please call 01202 678307.


Tel: 01202 987662

Callers to CNF are reminded that all calls to CNF and made by CNF may be recorded for accuracy and transparency and for the safety of our staff.
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